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  • Книги: Episodes of the Revolutionary War, Ernesto Che Guevara

    Episodes of the Revolutionary War, Ernesto Che Guevara

  • Contents
  • Foreword
  • Alegria de Pio
  • Battle of La Plata
  • Battle of Arroyo del Infierno
  • Air Attack
  • Surprise Attack at Altos de Espinosa
  • End of a Traitor
  • Bitter Days
  • Reinforcements
  • Forging the Temper
  • A Famous Interview
  • On the March
  • The Arms Arrive
  • Battle of El Uvero
  • Nursing the Wounded
  • The Return
  • Treason in the Making
  • Attack on Bueycito
  • Battle of El Hombrito
  • "El Patojo"
  • Foreword

    For some time we had contemplated writing an account of the Cuban Revolution that would include all its aspects and phases. Many of our Revolution's leaders have also expressed this intention —either privately or publicly— but our tasks are many, the years pass, and the memory of the insurrectional struggle grows dim, making it difficult to pinpoint events that already are part of America's history.

    We present here a series of personal memories of attacks, skirmishes and battles in which we participated. It is not our intention that this fragmentary story, based on recollection and a few hastily-written notes, should be considered a full account of the Revolution. On the contrary, we hope the subject may be elaborated by many of the men who played a role in the struggle.

    Our participation in the war was limited to specific areas of Cuba. Therefore we could not possibly describe events and battles that occurred elsewhere. To help our comrades to add their accounts in chronological order, we begin with our first battle; the only one with Fidel taking I part in which our forces were not victorious: the surprise attack at" Alegria del Pio."

    There are many survivors of these actions and each is invited to contribute his personal recollections of these events to the written records of our history. We ask only that the narrator be truthful and that, in an attempt to clarify his position, he does not unjustifiably enlarge on his true role or pretend to have been where he was not. We would ask that after writing a few pages to the best of his ability he make a critical examination of his efforts and eliminate every doubtful fact that does not contribute to the authenticity of his account. In this spirit we begin our memoirs.

    ernesto che guevara

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